Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 2021,

At TravaLab, we value the privacy of individuals who use our website and mobile application. TravaLab’s privacy policy tells you what information we collect and how we use it to facilitate services by professionals to patients. It applies to our patients, Mobile Phlebotomists who deliver services requested by patients through our platform and anyone who signs up to become a Mobile Phlebotomist. By using TravaLab’s site and app, you agree to the Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service and any future modifications.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing
  • Patient Contact Information: When you submit an appointment request for TravaLab as a patient, you provide us with your name, address, phone number and email.

  • Patient Payment Information: Patients submit credit card information to process payments however, TravaLab never stores payment information on servers to protect your data.

  • Potential and Current Mobile Phlebotomist Information: When you sign up to become a TravaLab Mobile Phlebotomist, you provide us with your name, address, phone number, email and certification expiration. We also share this information with an accredited third-party background check provider of your choice.

  • Potential and Current Mobile Phlebotomist Payment Information: Mobile Phlebotomists submit bank account and tax information for payment processing and tax records.

TravaLab uses information collected from patients and Mobile Phlebotomists to:

  • Provide customer support and manage any issues with services

  • Communicate directly with patients and Mobile Phlebotomists

  • Facilitate transactions, services, and payments

  • Notify Mobile Phlebotomists and patients about services and other administrative purposes through phone calls, emails, text messages and push notifications

Information Sharing between Patients and Mobile Phlebotomists

When a Mobile Phlebotomist is assigned and accepts a patient request, the patient will be provided their with first name, last name and phone number. The Mobile Phlebotomist will be provided with first name, last name, address and phone number of patient.

TravaLab’s website and mobile application has multiple security layers to protect all data including contact and payment information. TravaLab protects all patients and professionals and will never share any information without prior consent and permission.

Location Information

TravaLab may collect and use location information to enhance the services provided through our website and mobile application. This includes, but is not limited to, the collection of precise or approximate location data from your device when you use our services, if they enable us to do so via their device settings.

a. We use location data to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our healthcare services, including phlebotomy/specimen collection, offered through our website and mobile application.

b. Location information may be used to confirm the location of a patient or a Mobile Phlebotomist during the appointment confirmation process.

c. Location data may be utilized for customer support purposes, such as assisting patients and Mobile Phlebotomists with service-related inquiries, both when the app is actively in use (foreground) and when running in the background.


By using TravaLab's site and app, you consent to the collection and use of your location information as described in this policy.

Data Security

TravaLab has a secure transmission system of data encryption. The site’s protection consists of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which enables the website to encrypt all private information from patients, Mobile Phlebotomists and potential new visitors. Regular updates take place to maintain and improve TravaLab’s security.

Service Request and Delivery Information

The shipment and delivery services under our policy are highly transparent and convenient for our patients and Mobile Phlebotomists. Whenever a patient accesses our website or app, our team will input the request for our pool of Mobile Phlebotomists. Once the appointment is accepted by a Mobile Phlebotomist, they will contact you directly to confirm your appointment.

Refund Policy

If at any time TravaLab services are dissatisfactory, we provide patients with the option to receive a refund. Our refund policy covers claims including:

a. Unsuccessful Venipuncture

b. Mobile Phlebotomist No-Show

In case of a refund claim, please allow 3-5 business days for confirmation. After confirmation, our team will offer the patient an alternative to the service or can issue a refund per request.

TravaLab Services

TravaLab offers healthcare services through a website and mobile application in which patients can make appointments with doctors and physicians right from their home, office, workplace, etc.

The primary services at TravaLab include:

c. Phlebotomy/ Specimen Collection

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, your personal information, our sharing practices, or your choices regarding your information by contacting us at (800)-921-6933 or