What does a mobile phlebotomist do?

Date: 4 Aug 2021

Mobile Phlebotomist
      – TravaLab

While the pandemic has changed the face of healthcare, we understand that mobile phlebotomists have been around for decades in order to cater to the needs of patients: the elderly, bedridden, and high-risk patients. Covid-19 only amplified the necessity for mobile services to limit the spread of the virus to high-risk communities. Mobile phlebotomy was here before and is here to stay.

Phlebotomists play a crucial role in the medical community. They are specially trained in drawing blood from a person’s circulatory system via syringes, straight needles, and butterfly. They are able to locate an appropriate vein and perform the blood draw without causing harm to the patient. These blood samples are then sent to labs for assessment.

Phlebotomists must know how to correctly handle blood samples so they do not become void before being assessed in the labs. Part of being a phlebotomist is to know and understand the importance of labelling samples to ensure and enable the lab to process the sample and generate results. Any miscommunication or misinformation can lead to discrepancies in the results of the lab work that are considered void.

Medical providers use results to diagnose a patient’s health and treatment if required. Hence the reason for the accurate and timely process of drawing blood from a patient can be vital to their overall health.

Lack of transportation, immobility, or distance can be factors in missed appointments for lab work. Don’t let these obstacles affect your treatment.

Mobile phlebotomy benefits:
Safety - safer for high-risk patients, decreases and minimize the risk to any exposure
Access - It allows patients to schedule their blood draws around their daily schedules instead of going into a lab or clinic.
Convenience - A mobile phlebotomist meets the patient in the convenience of their work or home
Comfort - Many patients feel more at ease being in a familiar setting while having their blood samples taken.

TravaLab utilizes over 3000 experienced Mobile Phlebotomists nationwide within our networks and has been helping to accommodate this niche of a service since 2017. Our platform enables patients to connect directly with a phlebotomist in a timely fashion.

As Covid-19 variants emerge, the need for mobile phlebotomists will continue to grow. Protecting high-risk demographics and our own families will become a priority. If you or a loved one has underlying medical conditions or mobility issues, consider discussing an option for a mobile phlebotomist to come to you and draw your blood sample, safely and securely.