Products / Services Offered & Shopping Cart

TravaLab’s offer healthcare services and products on a mobile app so its clients can make appointments with doctors and physicians right from their home, office, workplace, etc.

The primary services at TravaLab include:

  1. Phlebotomy
  2. paramedical insurance exams nationwide

When a patient requests for TravaLab’s service to book an appointment, our team send an invitation to:

  1. Physicians
  2. Doctors
  3. Specialized Laboratories
  4. Research Studies
  5. Biotechnology Companies

All of the technicians and staff at TravaLab are well-versed, and they have professional experience in their designated professions as well as other disciplines of company policies. The shopping cart on the mobile app will allow the app user to check out for their latest appointment with a doctor as well as keep track of their checkup history with their requested physicians.