Privacy Policy

Travalab abides by few of the following essential principles to safeguard the user:

  • Your personal information and credentials are not shared with anyone, other than to adhere with the law.
  • We are not into asking for personal information unless it is truly required.
  • Your personal information is not stored on our servers or on the offsite servers, to maintain your privacy.
  • Easy controllers are provided in our mobile applications, to customize the visibility for public and search engines.

Succeeding is our Privacy policy which encompass these goals:
We respect your privacy regarding any personal information we acquire during the application operations; thereby it is all kept confidential and secure.

Non-Personally Identifying Information
To have a better understanding of user’s utilization of application, Travalab All rights reserved collects non-personally identifying information of users, by direct means or by a third party. Information acquired includes device using the application, location information and the operating system.

Personally Identifying Information
For users to interact with Travalab, All Rights Reserved to gather personally identifying information. Amount of information depends upon the type of interaction made. In order to log into a certain account, just a username and an email address is required, whereas for online transaction or financing involvements, detailed personal information entry is required. These fields may include full name, residential address, telephone number and additional information. However, Travalab All rights reserved do not share the personal identifying information by any means. Users have all due rights to reject the input of personal identifying information, with a caution that it may prevent them form engaging in certain application’s activities.

Sharing of Personally Identifying Information
Travalab All rights reserved shares personally identifying information only on 2 cores:

  • Employs or contractors who need to know the information for further completion of processes.
  •  Employs and contractors who have agreed not to float the information any further.

By using the application you allow us to transfer your information to those officials involved in the processing. The information is only disclosed when required by law and order.

Use of Email Addresses and Push Notifications
If you have registered to the application and have provided your email address, Travalab All rights reserved might infrequently send you an email regarding new updates. With the approval of user, push notifications and alerts may also be sent on the device you use application on. Push notifications can be deactivated any time through your device’s settings.

Protection of Information
Travalabe All rights reserved takes immediate measures against any unauthorized activities regarding personally identifying information.

A cookie is information stored on user’s device by web server. Travalab All rights reserved utilize cookies to identify user’s preferences on application and make it accessible for you. You consent the use of cookies by using the application as described above.

Do Not Track Disclosure
Travalab All rights reserved do not involve in any sort of tracking and collection of personally identifiable information regarding Application user’s online activities over the time.

Review of and Changes to Personally Identifying Information
Leave an email at to request any necessary changes in the personally identifying information.

Privacy Policy Changes
Over the time Travalab All rights reserved might make minor changes in the Privacy Policy. Changes can be made at any time, and will be effective as of the date we post the revised version. To avoid inconvenience users are advised to check the page frequently for any revisions in the privacy policy.

Your Consent
By using the application, you agree to all our collection, usage and sharing of any information related to you as describes in this privacy policy.