About us

Our platform allows licensed healthcare professionals to view and accept appointments within their service area through a mobile application. The status of each appointment can be monitored and a final notification is sent once complete. Access to our platform will not only allow a more convenient service for patients, but also create a platform for Physicians, Research Groups, and Specialized Labs to collaborate and innovate the future of healthcare. TravaLab is expecting to begin offering Nursing and Primary Care services soon. We believe the return of traditional home health and a platform for all Health and Science professionals to work together is vital for patient comfort, convenience, and access. Our network is expanding daily and we are excited about the future of Science and return of traditional home healthcare.

TravaLab has been developed to create a mobile service that enables access to all patients and participants seeking healhcare services Nationwide. Considering the modern stresses of juggling between work, family, health, it can be an additional stress to create time for lab visits, unitl now. TravaLab allows patients the opportunity to schedule appointments at their own convenience in the comfort of their own space. At TravaLab, we emphasize on accessibility to all patients who are limited to, because of work or mobility. We work directly with Physicians, Specialized Labs, Research Group and Biotechnology companies to bridge the different specialties of medicine and offer the best service available. Don’t let today’s struggles stop you from the advancement of personal health and science.